Reasons why you can confidently stock Totem and be assured of increased sales on an annual basis:

Innovative design

Backpacks are researched and orthopaedically designed to carry weight in a medically correct way.

Recommended by Medical Professionals

Recommended by medical professionals and endorsed by the Chiropractors Association of South Africa.

Posture protection

Totem backpacks will protect the users back and prevent back problems now and in the future.

Quality tested

The bags will withstand the normal wear and tear that kids dish out and still see through the guarantee.

Established Brand

Totem has developed a confidence in the market and is reputed as being the top schoolbag range. It was launched in S.A over a decade ago and has steady built its reputation through positive word of mouth reporting. Growth and a more established brand have led to the addition of new collections. A wide product range catering for all age groups and strong visibility across the country has boosted the brands positioning. The consumer demand will assure you of a positive sell through.

Development of new Product

Always maintaining quality as a standard, investing time and money in product development and design. Keeping our products on trend with fashion appeal to different age groups. Keeping 10 steps ahead of our competitors.

What Totem offer retailers:

  • Very few returns
  • Value for money purchase
  • Consistent quality
  • Variety of product
  • New exciting products annually